Fuckabl Lola

First Impressions

Fuckable Lola is another entrant in the solo teen collection online and she is a beauty. She´s both cute and gorgeous at the same time and her body is tremendously tight, making her awfully sexy and fuckable, as it were. She starts the tour with a picture of her tiny titties and a video preview where you can see some of the naughty stuff the teen girl does inside. Later there are pictures that show her wide variety of outfits choices. It looks like she does everything from cute and sweet to naughty and dirty.

Hot Promises

Fuckable Lola promises to be an interesting site because of the young lady´s interest in being arousing, fooling around, and getting guys off. She has a stupendously sexy body and loves to touch and show us the dirty stuff that gets her off. There´s an update list on the tour page so you can see how often new content is being added. She´s going to get fully nude inside and wear lots of lingerie, cute outfits, and more. She promises real orgasms, high definition videos, a personal blog, zip files for photos, and discreet billing.


The pink and blue color palette from the tour is the same in the member´s area and it looks terrific. Young and lovely Lola has a short paragraph greeting when you log in and then there´s a link to what she calls her ?extra naughty? video store, where you can supposedly purchase movies of her doing some dirty stuff with a dildo. The link doesn´t lead to a store though, so it seems to be broken. The recent video and picture updates are also shown and she currently gives you something fresh twice a week.

There are 108 picture galleries at Fuckable Lola and you can browse the teen porn shots on one page. There´s a thumbnail for each of them along with the date they were added and the number of images. The galleries are laid out nicely and the thumbs are the perfect size for simple choosing. There´s a zip file for download in case you don´t want to browse online. The images are high resolution at 1500px. The only issue is the banner ads they put at the top of every gallery. It´s small but annoying.

Lola´s picture sets are solo and built around her beautiful body and the outfits she chooses to wear. Most of the time she ends up naked by the end so you can expect to see lots and lots of hot teen pussy and tight ass. Those little teen tits come out all the time too. Her outfit choices are the best part of the site because they´re so widely varied. Because she´s a teen cutie you get the typical looks of a t-shirt and shorts, etc. She´s also ad adventurous girl so you get lots of lingerie sets, tight shiny clothes, and the occasional bikini. Sometimes she plays up her youth but sometimes she wants to get a little bit dirtier and more seductive. She can do both things very well.

She´s a pretty girl and she´s completely comfortable in front of the camera. She never looks awkward or shy. She knows that she wants to arouse you and she´s great about using her body and her beauty to do so. When she strips she will often play with her pussy a little bit in the pictures. She likes to rub and vibrate it to get off. Sometimes fingers will go inside. Appreciation of her beautiful body and her sexuality is easy.

There are 74 hot teen videos at Fuckable Lola. Each video comes in high definition or slightly lower quality at 720x480 and 3000kbps. Both types look amazing though. Download speeds varied wildly, bouncing between 200kb/sec and 900kb/sec. It never took long to get the files, mostly because the videos are under 5 minutes long and that keeps them small.

You´ll see the same outfits in the videos that you saw in the pictures but the movies aren´t really about what she´s wearing. Instead they´re about how getting you off and in most cases getting her off. There are many masturbation videos where she happily vibrates her pussy or rubs her clit. I didn´t see any where she actually penetrates her pussy though. Those are saved for the store that doesn´t work. In the masturbation videos she talks a little bit about how good it feels and then she moans lustily and actually cums on camera.

The second type of movie is built exclusively around trying to get you off. In one instance Lola is in bed on her back without her clothes on. The camera is positioned above her and it´s meant to look like you´re having sex with her in missionary position. She´s moving her body as if she was getting screwed and she´s moaning and talking about how good it feels. It´s really convincing stuff. In other videos she has dildos that she sucks and strokes and plays with as if they were your cock. She wants you to dream of it being your cock so you can get off. The variations on these types of videos are great and they were my favorite part of the site.

There´s a small selection of self-shot galleries where Lola snaps pictures of her naked or half-dressed body while she´s prepping for a shoot, hanging out, and more. There´s a page of video outtakes as well where you can see behind the scenes stuff or some goofy stuff. There´s a video of her playing Guitar Hero nude, which is fun. The blog she talked about on the tour is sparsely populated. She does roughly one update per month and they´re usually really short. You´re not going to get to know her through the posts, sadly. There just isn´t enough info.

Croco´s Opinion

Fuckable Lola asks on the tour if you think that she´s a fuckable girl and once you´ve spent some time in the member´s area you´ll agree that she is one of the most fuckable babes you´ve ever seen. Her pictures are hot and sexy and she poses in all kinds of arousing outfits in her attempt to turn you on. Her videos are even better. They´re high definition and they show her masturbating and working hard to get you off through interactive scenes. It´s rare to see content like that on a solo girl site and that´s what separates Lola from the crowd. That´s why you should give her a try. The fact that her site has been around for a long time and is quite large at this point is another great reason to spend the money.


The navigation is great. The site is simple and laid out perfectly. A few more screenshots per video would have been great but it´s a minor issue.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days.

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